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PMI is a global independent, privately owned procurement and trading house with specific knowledge of a wide range of MRO materials, providing procurement and logistical services to various Petrochemical, Refinery, Water & Wastewater, and Power Plant Industries. We are your partner for the supply of equipment, providing solutions and managing your projects, bulk materials anywhere in the world. Our mission is Providing customers with procurement, technical and progress support worldwide by engaging purchasing power, geographic location and people skills thus maximizing value added to our customer. Palamachine offers a wide range of procurement and trading house services to international customers.

PalaMachine Iranian

What we can do for YOU:

  • We can ...Minimize your number of contacts.
  • Keep you up-to date on the latest reported industry development.
  • Provide the best access to worldwide markets.
  • Develop and provide access to strategic supplier partnerships.
  • Ensure quality materials are delivered on time at competitive prices.
  • Deliver the right material with right price in the right time to the right place for the right customers.
  • Optimize the supply chain for you, customize the supply schedule/planning right for your project planning.
  • We would like to experience and see the final successful accomplishment with all of you, and to achieve the optimum conditions.

Purchasing and technical Services:

  • We can... Take the work out of inquiry, bid evaluation, order placement and shipment.
  • Provide a full range of storage / shipping services, including tracking of materials.
  • Provide a full range of expediting services and on-going status reporting.
  • Negotiate on your behalf with decision makers for manufacturers.
  • Develop and maintain long-term strategic for manufacturers.
  • Provide access to our agreements with suppliers.
  • Furnish information about suppliers and contractors.
  • Manage your project procurement requirements.
  • Obtain and deliver difficult to obtain or shutdown requirements.




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